Guesthouse with the thatchet roof

ka ya ya


Enjoy the local dishes by fresh vegetables in Tokamachi and hervest from the mountains. Available various ingredients by your request. Feel free to ask us to serve only dinner an so on.

Givier dish

Hot pot, char-grilled or stewing by hunting season






Locel dish

Fresh vegetables and wild vegetable in the seasons with the top-brand rice (Koshihikari)


local Boutique sake in Tokamachi and our homemade fruit wine (Tenjin-bayashi Mtsunoi and etc.)

Guest rooms

  • 1st fl. 6 tatami-mat room for 3 people
  • 2nd fl. 6 tatami-mat room for 3 people 

Room rate

  • 4000 yen for 1 room without meals
  • 8500 yen and more for 1 room staying with 2meals
  • Feel free to ask us about the time of check-in and check-out Enjoy the inconvenient time in quiet mountains with us


  • Having farming activities in rice field and vegetable field
  • Contact with nature by seasons
  • Heavy snowfall experience
  • Country cooking by ancient  wisdom and traditions (soybean paste, konjac, rice dumplings and etc.)

Fresh vegetables

Rice with safety and security


Ask us more details

Contact us

  • Address 764 Shinzaotsu (Mitsuyama), Tokamachi, Niigata 949-8612
  • http://tokamachi-parts.sakura.ne.jp/wpkayaya
  • info@tokamachi-kayaya.com

By cars

  • About 35 minutes from Muikamachi I.C of Kanetsu highway, through R17, prefectural road No.58 and No.59.

*winter tire is required in snow season!

By the trains and taxi

  • About 25 minutes from Urasa St. of JR Joetsu Shinkansen
  • About 25 minutes from Tokamachi St. of Hokuhoku line transferred at Echigo Yuzawa St. of Joetsu Shinkansen